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At Nevada Ink, we want to make your copy project as easy as possible. If you’re a student or an organization, and you have a project you simply want printed, and don’t want to go through the process of creating a new account, inputting account numbers, and waiting for approval, you can just email your files to and pay for it when you pick it up.

Nevada Ink accepts:
P Cards, Credit Cards, Cash, Checks and IPO’s.

Let us know if you want a price quote before we print your job, not a problem!

If you attach an IPO with an authorized signature we can even send your printed job back to your mail stop. You never have to leave your office.

When you submit your job via email please give us as much information as possible. How many finished copies do you need, color or black & white, your contact information, and date needed, 

Please pick up the phone, and give us a call at 775-784-6810 we would be happy to talk about your project.

We are located in the Central Services building on the North end of campus room 210. We are on the second floor, and we have an awesome view!

Our mail stop is MS:0236

Print Projects

  • Print ShopNewsletters/Booklets showcase departments, students and faculty,  tell your department or club story in a monthly or quarterly newsletter. Booklets are a professional way to present a verity of projects.
  • Posters advertise special events with color posters up to 12 x 18.
  • Brochures(tri-fold) share your department or club message with a brochure that sells you.
  • Flyers advertise you special event, post flyers on bulletin boards on campus and in the community.  Hand out flyers at events, all with out breaking the bank.
  • Tape Binding is a nice way to complete your report, workbook, or classroom materials in good looking and inexpensive way.
  • Spiral Binding completes any report or presentation in an attractive manner.
  • Tabs add custom printed tabs to any report for a professional look and make information easy to find.
  • Postcards are a great way to share information with your clients to save-the-date of an event or invite students or faculty to a special event.
  • Rack Cards are an attractive and concise way to share your department information.  These compact cards are made to display on a rack in you department office to temp students and prospective students.
  • Bookmarks are another way to share your department information. Students can be reminded of events or important dates, that they keep right  in their school books.
  • Notecards send a folded thank you or invitation to donors or special guests.
  • Table tents share your event with diners in campus dining facilities or front counters in department offices.
  • Carbonless Forms  (NCR) for all those forms that you need multiple copies filled out up to four parts.

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